Who I am: I am a 22-year graduate based in Chandigarh. I was born in the tranquil countryside of Mandi – Himachal in the lap of Himalayas. Technology is my obsession and, in fact, triggered my descend into the plains of urban India. It eventually became my career choice. I am now an entry-level Digital marketing techie working as a freelancer. I love Challenges so be one!


What I do: My skill has outgrown my age. I have a genuine passion for keyword search, and that turned out to be my key strength. I since evolved fast and developed a workable understanding of the technical craft of SEO, Google Ranking, Google Ads. How to implement SEO and social media strategies for clients

My work USP: My expertise lies in keyword research and help (my clients) optimise existing content and uncover new opportunities. I have a good grasp of digital marketing and associated technical parameters. PPC is one of my skill areas. Increasing your client outreach and business revenue is my goal.


How I do: I sit with the clients and listen to their business story very carefully. I then go to my workstation, think, process and strategies. Again and again, until I process all inputs and ideas faithfully and make it quickly accessible for search engine crawlers.


Results for you: This finally allows me to create a  full performance matrix of my client project and I provide specific technical guidance and help execute strategies for more traffic and meeting your set SEO goals.



That was I do to earn a living, and it will be fun to work with me. I like being cheerful! Cheers !!